-Here are the truths and realities of the great one named Millbee.

-Millbee Never Cheats, he just thinks outside of the box.

-Millbee will almost always say your username wrong.(examples include "Dark Estrangel" and "God Dessaphrael")

-Burns is a deity and can't be banned.

-KrimsunBlade must always be banned.

-200 gold=One Helmet

-If it doesn't make sense, a wizard did it.

-Milkbee, Moobee and Boobee - the distantly related cow silblings and their ghost grandfather.

-Dark_bee - Millbee's Evil Demonic Twin

-No clothes are allowed - wearing clothes makes Millbee's internetz derp. If the stream ever has problems, you're wearing too many clothes!

-Eddie is unreliable and should never be trusted.

-When life gives you lemons, load them into your arm cannon and go save the world.

- Suck my little undropped balls, bish,

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