What is it?Edit

The Rules That Matter is a hardcore minecraft series that Milbee started on August 16th 2012 in which every episode he adds a new rule suggested by one of the viewers.

The Rules That Matter (Season 1) 'Day 1' - A Hardcore Minecraft Survival Challenge

The Rules That Matter (Season 1) 'Day 1' - A Hardcore Minecraft Survival Challenge

Season 1Edit

Season 1 started on August 16th 2012 and lasted for 9 and a half eposodes until September 3rd 2012. The series ended after ***SPOILER***

Millbee died whilst caving because the amount of dificult rules coming in every episode.

Season two (**SPOILER ALERT**) Edit

The rules were changed slightly for season two with every odd episode number having survival rules left in the comments and every even numbered episode had 'silly' rules left in the comments. After every five episodes Millbee would be able to remove a single rule of his choice.

Season two was a much shorter season with Millbee been murdered in the third episode by a particularly angry skeleton that shot him into nearby lava. Millbee got revenge on the skeleton but burned to death shortly afterwards. Millbee's death came around 9 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode. The rest of the episode was a short speech from Millbee followed by 7 minutes of silent disappointment.

Season three (Yep, more **SPOILERS**)Edit

Followed the same rule system as season two except for the introduction of a special guest rule. The guest rule- left by Zisteau was: "You Can Only Use a Crafting Table once, and you can not destroy previously used Crafting tables"

The shortest (recorded) season yet... During the second episode, roughly 13 minutes in while at a zombie spawner. Millbee was ambushed by a zombie. Startled by this, Millbee leaped backwards and moved away unaware of the danger lurking behind him... SSSSSsssss - BOOM the all too familiar noise of the greatest enemy a sheep in minecraft can have. Millbee like many of his Sheepy bretheren before him was blown to pieces by a Creeper. Ending the series with a... bang.

Good Luck with season four Millbee.

Bottom two sections written by Foes - first by Magic Mat?