Please read this page BEFORE creating or editing ANY pages!

Creating Pages-

If you are creating a page, please clearly title it appropriatley. Also, before creating a page, look around to make sure there isn't a page already like it, if there is, please edit and contribute to that page rather then cluttering up the whole site with duplicate pages.

User Pages-

If you would like to have a page dedicated to yourself, you may. Title the page with your username (Your regular one) if you do not have a username, then use one your youtube username. If you have a shortened name, (e.g. Ortholab is normally called Ortho) then it is your choice whether or not to shorten it. You may put links to your youtube, twitter, playlist, ect. However, Mods of the twitch stream have the right to remove anything they think inappropriate or otherwise offensive.

Editing User Pages-

Your may only edit YOUR own page! The only times you may touch another users page is when they give you explicit permission, or if your a mod- in which can you have full reins :P. The only other instance in which you may edit anothers page, is you may edit Millbee's public page. However, Millbee's personal page is not to be touched- he has control over that one!

Edit Pages-

The main rule about editing public pages is- if it say 'Only <user(s)> May Edit' then do not touch, unless you are one of the users listed. Also, as a common courtesy, if you want to edit a page like the Quotes page or the Puns page, then use the format given at the top of the page.

Thank you, and happy... Whatever day it is!